BIOWEB: an incomplete list of webtools

GenSize GenSize: Calculator for determining genome size (BETA test).
go to EVOMETONICKS... Evometonicks: The EvoMetoNicks project, funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR-13-ADAP-0004) aims to improve our knowledge on the molecular mechanisms involved in nickel accumulation in plants.
go to GBROWSE... The ppRNome Browser: Genome Browser to display experimental data of a whole-genome mapping of 5' RNA ends in Enterococcus faecalis
go to TERMINATOR... Terminator: TermiNator predicts N-terminal methionine excision, N-terminal acetylation, N-terminal myristoylation and S-palmitoylation of either prokaryotic or eukaryotic proteins originating from organellar or nuclear genomes .