The ppRNome Genome Browser displays experimental data introduced in the paper :

Whole-genome mapping of 5' ends in bacteria by tagged sequencing: A comprehensive view in Enterococcus faecalis
N. Innocenti, M. Golumbeanu, A. Fouquier d'Hérouël, C. Lacoux, R. A. Bonnin, S. P. Kennedy, F. Wessner, P. Serror, P. Bouloc, F. Repoila and E. Aurell [RNA, 2015]
Bioproject PRJNA272574

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The following 4 regions match your request.


Name Type Description Position Match Score
EF_1980 start_codon AE016830:1917935..1917937 n/a
EF_1980 CDS AE016830:1917935..1918264 n/a
EF_1980 gene AE016830:1917935..1918267 n/a
EF_1980 stop_codon AE016830:1918265..1918267 n/a

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